Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stationary Box

Used Die Cuts With a View Chateau Lavender collection to make this project.  My favorite part, the rose bloom on the lid.  It is the same ribbon used on the envelope inside the box.  Used Best Glue Ever, made a 3/4 inch glue spot and then worked from the center to the outer rim, twisting before each placement of ribbon to make pedal look.  The tag I used a green cardstock and then a tag from the cardstock collection.  Made a flat envelope and then 2 - 1/2" enveloboxes to add to the inside of the stationary box set.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easter Basket

This is using the same idea as the Valentine's treat box but changing shape by making different cuts to scalloped oval.  There will also be a gift tag hanging from the one of the handles.  Fun and cute.

Valentine's treat box

This is the sample of my first treat box.  I am going to keep the jewels out to keep simple and cute.  Overall, fun project to make and cute.